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Scared and frightened

That’s wonderful news! You must feel sooo relieved ?. Congratulations ?!!!
Hello everyone from Wales, UK

I am sorry to trouble you I’m looking for some support or advice if possible please. I have bad teeth, I have fillings some back teeth are missing at the moment eating talking is fine. After years of not looking after them properly I decided to take the plunge two years ago and get to a Dentist for first time in 10 years had a lot of work including the above done. The dentist said you are close to getting them all removed this has always been in the back of my mind and I have improved my oral care massively and make sure my son looks after his teeth correctly. Due to Covid my Dentist is not taking any non emergencies appointments I have booked to go to another Dentist for a check up and scale and clean I’m so terrified about having full dentures as I work in a contact centre and I have been with a new partner less then a year I fear if this happens my world will collapse I think about it all the time my appointment is on Wednesday would you advise speaking to the Dentist before hand just to advise about the past and my anxiety and what is it really like having dentures-at a young age do people know? How has your partner reacted?

Thank you for any responses

thank you for sharing your story firstly I would say stay calm and don’t panic, I am a young partial denature wearer I was exactly the same as you however I love my new teeth now I can smile they are all straight and more importantly I can eat properly,

they take a couple of weeks to get used to but it will soon become your daily routine

In regards to your partner it’s just teeth doesn’t change who you are as a person if anything it will help you feel more confidence and if they love you they will deal with it, I initially didn’t tell my husband becuase I felt embarrassed but he now helps clean them and has been a great support

honestly no one will notice if you have fake teeth dentures are really impressive now a days

always here if you want a chat I’m based in uk also