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Telling My Mom

Thanks guys! I am still in the hospital, but may get to go home today. I am off IV meds unless I need them, and have peed more than I ever have before. They had to cut me all the way. Thanks for your support!
Hi CollegeBound

glad you are OK, sorry the surgery was more involved. Hoping you get to escape today:)

Kind Regards
Thanks! I almost threw up with milk an cereal this morning, but I did go for a walk!
CB -- so gald to hear you're ok! And, also sorry to hear that the surgery was a little more complicated that you had hoped. The good news is that you are young which means that you should heal quickly and be back on your feet in no time!

Hang in there!
Thanks! I came home last night, and have slept most of today. I got to shower today. Here's a pic of the belly. My mom and I named it Mufasa, and my bff said it's nickname is Mufie.


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So glad to hear you're back home! That's quite a scar -- you'll have to make up some good stories to tell about it :). Keep us posted on how your recovery is going.
Lol Will do!
Do you ever have those days when you are constantly reminded that you need to make an appointment? Today, the driver for public transportation was a dental assistant, and she really enjoyed taking xrays. Then, my boss briefly talked about going for her cleaning yesterday. And what is the icing on the cake you are wondering? I ran into the dental assistant that I squeezed her hand like a cobra when I had my fillings! And of course, she asked if I remember her. How could I forget!!!!
Not the best day in the College Bound world...
I think experiences like this can actually be good for us phobics - think about it like a random form of systematic desensitization :). Remember to breath and remind yourself that nothing bad is happening to you right now. It's actually good training to actual appointments :)
I'm surprised that she recognized me without the fear in my eyes!I told my boyfriend that I was having a bad day, but he doesn't know why except for me waking up late. I am so tired of people reminding me that I have this phobia.

Fearful, thank you so much for helping me today.
Hi Collegebound,

I agree with Fearful, it might be a little embarrassing but I think these experiences "away from the chair" help with the desensitisation process.

Good on you, you are definitely getting there ?
Thanks Spike. I know it's good for me, but it has just been one of those days. This dental slap-in-the-face didn't help. Lol.
Glad you are ok at the end of it.

Im not far off making that Implant appointment, would like to get another payday before I part with a large(ish) chunk of cash ?
How are you feeling about your appointment?
I feel very good about it, I know I'm in the best hands with Mike and his team; we've done all the proper work upfront so fingers crossed it will be very straightforward :)
Firstly very well done for telling your Mum, and making an appointment. I too have an appointment on Thursday, and the past 2 weeks have been so hard. Like you, I have felt like crying, screaming, running away etc. for me, I can't see beyond appointment day. Will your mum go with you for some support? As you say, it will be mainly finding out what if any treatment you need, but remember to take it one step at a time!
i am a fellow phobic, but I do know the thought is always worse than the doing!
I haven't made an appointment since September, but I am due for a check up. I just don't want to go and find out bad news I guess. My mom isn't very empathetic about it, so she wouldn't be good support. I get more nervous if people I know and love see me in such a mess. Lol.

I hope you do well with your appointment! The first one is easy.
And Spike, are you taking anyone with you to your implant appointment? I am glad that you are really confident about it! You rock!
And Spike, are you taking anyone with you to your implant appointment? I am glad that you are really confident about it! You rock!

Hi CollegeBound

I am not planning to take anyone as I trust Mike 110%, I'm confident he will look after me, just had a really good clean in preparation for the Implant placement to make triple sure it has the best chance of success. There also might be a small "dent" shown on the CT that if present will require a small bit of bone grafting that will be done at the time of the Implant placement.

All sounds quite scary but I have to say I'm quite relaxed about the whole process, I'm thinking that the worst part will be the payment :scared:
I'm glad you are feeling good about it. The money part of it is one of the worst.

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