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Worried about my teeth (trigger warning)

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@letsconnect Thank you so much, I'm hoping to see how these 3 fillings go and if I can't cope then I'll ask for a referral. She said they can only do fillings at the surgery and anything else will need to be done at the hospital due to my medication, I'm assuming this is root canals/extractions but I'm unsure. Thank you though
Id write your questions down for next time, I think things are easily forgotten once you're there (and possibly in an anxious state), with it on a note pad you won't forget, as you seem to have more questions than answers at this stage. Said notepad will also come in handy perhaps for any information they give you next time (..or that could be just a me-problem due to ADHD!).
Personally the more info I have, & the more patience and willingness to explain a dentist has the more trust I have in them (granted, the NHS always seem pressed for time which isn't their fault)

Perhaps you could ring or email your dentist and ask your questions, or at least ask if there is a way to make the time for questions before your next appointment so you're happy to proceed.

I do struggle to see the advantages of doing work on cavities without the information an x-ray provides, perhaps this will be done before work commences.
Are there any previous reviews of this dentist?

I hope things go well for you at your next appointment ☺️ well done for making the call and attending your initial one, youre on your way to getting a healthier mouth and hopefully easing your fears somewhat x
@Nik19xo Thank you so much, that's a good idea, I will definitely consider it. There are reviews about the dentist but most of the positive ones are about the male dentist and the negative ones are about the female dentist (which I have). Thank you so much, I really do hope so too
@IhaveDentalproblems So sorry to hear, hopefully you get/got it sorted. Always a message away if you ever need to talk
@Imapparentlyhereif you do find a dentist,tell the receptionist your fears ,they should pair you up with a friendly dentist, when I was younger I thought I would never be able to cope with having teeth out if I had to ever have that done,but now I’m 50 I’ve had three out ,one in hospital,root canal and several fillings and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined, I now have a fear of temporary filling falling out at night, I’d rather have the tooth out and get it out of the way .I hope you can get your teeth sorted , try relax in the dentist chair,I try to put my mind on something else.
Appointment for 3 fillings and scale and polish has been moved to tomorrow, hoping it goes well
3 fillings went well, managed without local anesthesia
Just updating here and saying it's my 2nd check up tomorrow! Still feeling nervous but excited to get my teeth sorted out at the same time
All the best for your appointment tomorrow! :grouphug:
4 more fillings on the 8th June, another step closer 🙌
Getting my fillings done today instead as they had a cancellation
Fillings done, managed without local anesthetic again, 1 was definitely painful but I managed.
@Imapparentlyhere apparantlyhere,

Sorry to here it was painful! :grouphug: you know, not sure if this is possible near you, but my son got
filling through Biolase waterlaser , they weren't real deep fillings but it was very non threatening and non painful. Alot less painful than the drill. I had them use it on me for part of my implant appointments. Was pretty amazed.
@krlovesherkids777 Thank you! I think these were quite deep fillings but the ones which are left seem small so ill definitely look into it, thank you :)