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Please help! Scared and anxious

Hi Loopylass, just wondering if your slow healing extraction site eventually healed up after the curette? I'm getting worried about mine, though it's only 8 weeks so far but recovery seems awfully slow. Thanks for any advice!
Hi Raku
It took couple weeks for stitches to dissolve and they were uncomfortable but then it did heal. The biopsies showed there were small bony matter in there. The surgeon said I’m a very slow healer but I think as long as you feel you’re improving then we just need to be patient . Do you feel it’s better than before you had it done?
Hey, thanks for replying so fast. :)
I'm SO glad to hear your site cleared up. Mine seems to go 2 steps forward 1 step back - couple of days ok, then a day of ache, slight swelling and tenderness in the gum. X-ray looks clear. I'm really hoping my dentist will have an answer! I just want to be prepared in case he suggests something like a curette too. Thank you so much for sharing, much appreciated. ?
My xrays didn’t show anything but the oral surgeons could see granulated tissue on extraction site so felt it was worth doing a curette. They explained it only needs to be tiny microscopic pieces of bone that can cause problems and warned me after the procedure that it may not have made any difference- thankfully the soreness went. I rinsed with warm salty water a lot. Hope you find it settles soon but if not the dentists are reopening next week ?
Yes, doing lots of warm salt rinses. The extraction socket still has about 20% granulation tissue (the red grainy stuff), dunno if that's ok for 8 weeks. It's the gum above the site that's giving trouble. I will certainly take your advice and try to be patient!