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teeth being taken out in a few days, nervous!!

I usually have soup or things I don't have to chew, I am a bit of a coward so I stick to things like yogurt and milkshakes as well. If you have a blender use that to mash food up. Did your dentist tell you not to smoke, or suck through straws or spit, not that I think you will, but just in case. Start gentle salt water mouth washes just let the water dribble out of your mouth rather than spitting it out, it helps with healing. Pleased you are feeling better, I hope you heal well. :jump:
thankyou :)
i've got some yoghurt so i think i'll try having that later on and i've been doing that with the mouthwash :) i've just totally lost my appetite at the minute, i think it's just the stress of it all! xxx
I know what you mean about losing your appetite, I find it helps to have fruit juices to help to give you something to taste. You will feel much better in a few days it's amazing how quick everything feels in 3 to 4 days. I also liked ice cream and ice lollies too. :)
Lemon yoghurts or vanilla yoghurts, those really thick ones like M and S do, they are super duper and I was obsessed with them after my extraction.
ooh, the m&s yoghurts sound good! i've been drinking loads of fruit juice which has helped a bit. and i've managed some bread and soup and a bit of cake :)
i went to the dentist this morning just to check everything was healing ok, and he said that everything looked good and had started to heal which was reassuring. my face and mouth are still quite painful, but apparently one tooth was hard to get out because it was on a funny angle and something to do with them pulling it through the bone, lovely! xxx
hi hannah,
i have gone through so many extractions and iv sedation is the best and most comfortable way to go. after sedation you will be out for a little while and so sleepy that you will practically sleep through all the pain. having them taken out when your awake is much worse because you get home and worry that you wont stop bleeding and then your face swells and the pain kicks in after the pain meds wear off. I wish you the best and ice packs really help swelling and numbing the area. :)
Hannahb I had to giggle at you when you said that you managed a bit of cake, funny that how we can always manage the good stuff. :giggle:

I hope you carry on healing well.

When I last had a tooth out it didn't bleed after and it was a bit sore but didn't need painkillers, so everybody is different. On the other hand I do require pain killers after a rct I just had, one I had previously went really well and no painkillers, so even when we have same treatments they can be very different after.
sponge cake is GREAT after dental work, it works on an emotional and physical level....lovely soft Victoria sandwhich with cream and (smooth) jam is spot on what it needed. :) glad I'm not the only one tucking into cake after dental work lol
mmorgan2333: Yeah I don't think there's anyway I could've had the treatment done without iv sedation, I wasn't aware of anything which is so strange cos apparently I was wide awake the entire time! Thankyou, ice packs do help a lot with toothache or pain from swelling don't they :)
Hehe, cake makes everything better doesn't it! ;D I'm almost eating everything I could before the treatment which is good, and the holes where the teeth were are already closing up I think :) My gums are looking better too, not as red and sore.
Yeah, I'm hoping the next lot of teeth I get taken out don't bleed quite so much as these did. My dentist said they maybe won't. I still feel a bit nervous about getting the rest taken out! xxx