Jodie Nelson BDS – Dentist

Jodie Nelson BDS, Bsc (Hons), PGCE(Cantab.), GDC Registration Number 283067 graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2019.

Jodie had previously studied at the Universities of York and Cambridge before transitioning from teaching into dentistry. Helping to facilitate access to dental treatment for her anxious, fearful and phobic patients has been a keen focus for Jodie since the beginning of her dental training. She is passionate about establishing a trusting relationship with her patients via open, honest and thorough communication. 

Jodie finds it beneficial to incorporate various complementary techniques into her practice to help her patients, such as hypnosis and CBT/LLTTF with paediatric anxiety. She is currently furthering her training in hypnosis, studying for a PGCert in Clinical Hypnosis at Birmingham City University. Jodie works as an associate dentist in Ayrshire at Portland Dental Practice in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Outside of dentistry, Jodie enjoys kayaking in the beautiful Scottish lochs that surround her, attending ParkRun with her family and various crafts. The most recent being watercolour painting during lockdown at the request of her son!