Lloyd Jerome BDS – Dentist

Lloyd Jerome BDS

Lloyd Jerome BDS, Dental Council of New Zealand Person ID: 1096 graduated from University of Edinburgh, Scotland with his BDS in 1985.

Having trained in hypnotherapy, Lloyd recognised the important role of stimuli in the environment in triggering anxiety, and set out to minimise these so-called “anchors”. In 1994, he invented an award-winning practice and art gallery in Glasgow that was intended to appeal to all, including, and especially, those who have a deep-seated fear of dental treatment. You can read more in his article The Art and Science of Distraction.

In 2005, he moved to New Zealand, where he currently practices at Lumino Kerikeri.

Lloyd is committed to helping nervous clients feel relaxed about their treatment and having a great rapport with clients and team members. He likes becoming adept in new techniques, especially in the realm of cosmetic work.

In his spare time, Lloyd enjoys writing and has written a book, “Cricket By Candlelight”, about his wife and himself migrating to New Zealand. He loves travelling, photography, cooking, and eating.

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