Gordon Laurie BDS – Dentist

Gordon Laurie BDS

Gordon Laurie BDS (Gla) MPH (Gla) qualified from Glasgow University’s Dental School in 1982, and completed a Masters Degree in Public Health in 2005. He has a long history of working in the Ayrshire & Arran Community Dental Service, initially in paediatric service and later transferring into the then-new Special Dental Care Team. He also spent a number of years in private practice.

Between 2010 and his retirement in 2017, Gordon was Assistant Clinical Director at NHS Highland (including 2 years as Acting Clinical Dental Director). As Clinical Lead for Special Care Dentistry for the Highland Health Board, he line managed a large number of dentists and dental therapists/hygienists across 15 clinics, as well as being responsible for General Anaesthesia and Sedation services in NHS Highland.

What makes a special needs dentist tick? We interviewed Gordon Laurie to gather some anecdotal evidence!

From 2008 to 2012, Gordon acted as SDS Adviser for NHS Education Scotland. He was responsible for supporting trainers in the North/East regions, devising the postgraduate curriculum and monitoring postgraduate activity of dental practitioners in the North/East regions of Scotland.

He also developed the clinical aspects of “Caring for Smiles“, Scotland’s national oral health promotion, training and support programme. “Caring for Smiles” aims to improve the oral health of older people, particularly those living in care homes.

Gordon likes to remain at the forefront of the latest developments in dentistry and has been an avid follower of dental forums and discussion groups since the early days of the Internet. In fact, he is one of the co-founders of Dental Fear Central!