Dave Carbonell Ph.D. – Clinical Psychologist

Photo of Clinical Psychologist Dave Carbonell PhD

License No. 071003556 (Illinois, U.S.)

Dave Carbonell, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in treating fears and phobias. He is the author of four self-help books: Panic Attacks Workbook, The Worry Trick, Outsmart Your Anxious Brain: Ten Simple Ways to Beat the Worry Trick and Fear of Flying Workbook.

He is the “coach” of the popular self-help site, anxietycoach.com, and has taught workshops on the treatment of anxiety disorders to more than 10,000 therapists in the U.S. and abroad.

He received his doctorate in clinical psychology from DePaul University in Chicago in 1985 and has maintained a practice devoted to the treatment of anxiety disorders in Chicago since 1990. In his spare time, he is the founding member of The Therapy Players, an improvisational comedy troupe of professional psychotherapists in the Chicago area.