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Weird feeling in front teeth after extraction

Tardious, you poor thing, you've really been through it haven't you? xx:XXLhug:

I really hope the new dentist gets to the bottom of this for you and you get some kind of diagnosis. Thinking of you. xx
Thank you, I plan to keep posting until its resolved in case some other more sod finds themself in my place.
So another update, turns out i was referred to the wrong specialist so now waiting to get referred again. Though the pain has calmed now, the front teeth still feel crowded and are a little numb though and my bite is definitely off. However I have started to develop horrible headaches, aching in cheekbones and in my jaw. I am beginning to suspect TMJ and realizing I'll probably be like this forever
little update, still getting nowhere with a diagnostic. however my teeth have started having a uniform pattern, my bite is offset and it alternates between the left and right side. at least one side the molars touch and the other side the lower and bottom ones don't. its driving me nuts and depression is now well set it, I find myself in tears most nights.
Tardious, it seems possible to me that extracting the molar has altered your bite and you are experiencing problems associated with an uneven bite affecting the joint, muscles and teeth.
You should be examined by someone who is comfortable treating jaw joint problems who will likely make you a small splint to fit over your front teeth to relieve the pressure, if it is the right treatment then the relief will be very rapid. Way quicker than trying to see a specialist for AO so worth checking out in the meantime.
Have a look at the S4S site https://www.s4sdental.com/ and maybe contact them to see if they can recommend someone in your area.
Thank you for replying I will look into it, I am off to see a maxillofacial doctor in august which is the best I've been able to get. I've managed to narrow down the issues as well, in the morning after waking up I'm fine for about 30 minutes, then the front tooth goes numb, by about 4pm my wisdoms are playing up a little and my bite is totally off. To be totally honest there have been points where i haven't been able to get the NHS to take me seriously and have just broken down to the point of considering suicide.
additionally by about 5-6pm I have to stop talking because my bottom teeth keep smashing into my top fronts which really hurts. :cry:
Well time for another update, No real change except last few days my front tooth really flared up. So I went of to another private dentist. I really liked this one, he checked my bite and jaw and told me there is nothing wrong except a few deep fissures and a botched cleaning job. So I will be getting that sorted soon as I can finance it. He did shave down my back molar a little to help them fit. ...anyway onto the front tooth after some (more) xrays he said the root looked slightly inflamed and since it had gotten smashed a few years ago it needed looking at so it got a root canal, my first one ever.
Well back to square one;

Yesterday I made it through to 5pm without pain, then suddenly the root-canaled tooth on the front top flared up in so much pain I couldn't talk. But today nothing at all, except when I was talking to a co-worker earlier I suddenly had pain flare up from under my chin to a front tooth on the bottom which has now been aching and intermittently sensitive since. Would really appreciate if a dentist could put a comment in on this, because I and all the dentists I've seen can't figure it out.
well update time,

I've had the root canal finished, an old filling replaced and sealents put in all my molars and premolars and touch wood no problems yet. my bite is back to normal although I'm still in pain sometimes, looks like the wisdom teeth need to come out and I have a sinus issue that needs to be investigated. so I guess the moral of my story is do not trust the nhs ever.