Gift Ideas for Dentists

If you’d like to say ‘thank you’ to that special dentist but don’t know how – apart from saying ‘thank you’ in person (which is always very much appreciated!) – here are some ideas.

Thank you card

Thank You Cards

One classic gift which dentists really appreciate is the good old-fashioned “Thank You” card:

Often the nicest thing to get is a simple ‘Thank you’ card. I’ve had quite a few from both adults and kids – it’s really nice and really makes my day. It’s nice to know that your efforts are appreciated and you don’t need a fancy or expensive gift to say ‘thanks’!

Cards are nice and it helps other anxious patients see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Other gift ideas for dentists

Here are some more gift ideas, straight from the dentists’ mouths:

“I’ve had a variety of ‘thank you’ pressies from patients over the last few years including:

  • Pens (one with my name inscribed!)
  • Choccies (Which usually the nurses pinch!)
  • A Rainbow Trout!!
  • Bottles of Wine
  • Champagne
  • Bottles of Whiskey
  • A Highland Cow Pie!
  • Flowers
  • A dentist ornament
  • Golf lessons from a patient who is a golf pro
  • A trip to the patient’s place of work (at an airport, where me and my father-in-law got to sit in some of the US Navy planes!)”

“I just love those patients to pieces. My 3 personal faves-

  1. The cheese cake lady. Always brought one in whenever she came to visit (OK, I’ll admit that I was tempted to over diagnose so she would come in more often…).
  2. The older gentleman retired from an airline who must have walked out with a stationary store worth… always brought in airline pens and gave them out.
  3. New Year’s eve emergency. I came in (we were closed already) as he had a party to go to. After we reopened he dropped off a huge bottle of scotch.
  4. The local gent who walks by the office everyday. Every so often he’ll leave a treat (usually chocolate) on the door knob.

We don’t talk about these patients enough – these are the ones who make it worthwhile to come in.”

“Some patients are so generous and some are weird, yet so very nice. One lady brought us some flowers, fake flowers. She used her old orthopedic shoes as a vase. She left it for us on the front counter in our waiting room with a card and a nice note.

I had another lady give me a bar of her favourite soap. She pulled it out of her purse and talked to me for 5 minutes about how soft it makes her skin and how I will feel so pampered when I use it. It wasn’t in a wrapper or anything. I had to sniff my pits when she left just to make sure I didn’t have BO or something.

Some people are very offended when you turn down their gifts. I like the people who send a note of thanks. That really is great.”

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