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Written by the Dental Fear Central Web Team
Last updated on January 17, 2021

When it comes to visiting the dentist, everyone can benefit from distraction in some shape or form.

The radio playing in the background can provide distraction during dental treatment

Some examples and ideas include:

  • general chat with your dentist and/or dental assistant
  • the radio playing in the background
  • your dentist offering you a choice of music from their MP3 player
  • using earphones to listen to music or podcasts on your mobile
  • using relaxation techniques
  • closing your eyes
  • knitting
  • squeezing a stress ball
  • playing with a fidget cube
  • holding a soft toy or doll
  • bringing a blanket (or a weighted blanket) to hide under
  • overhead TVs
  • virtual-reality glasses.

In fact, the whole environment – everything that surrounds us – can be seen as a form of distraction.

The Environment

The importance of the environment is sometimes overlooked when it comes to dental fear. If your dentist happens to be a serious bit of dental totty, you may be able to ignore everything else around you… but for most people, the environment is a huge factor.

Many dentists have copped onto this fact, and you won’t have to google for too long to find dental practices which look like something out of “Ideal Home” magazine. A rise in hygiene standards has led to instruments being nearly always kept out of sight these days. And the traditional white dentisty outfit has mostly been replaced by more modern colours and flattering cuts.

This is all great news for anyone with a fear of the dentist!

Of course, this wasn’t always the case (and there’s still room for improvement), so here are some tips and ideas:

How to create an appealing dental practice

What distraction methods have worked for you? Visit our forum to share your tips and observations!

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