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Psychological Strategies for Overcoming Dental Anxiety and Fear

There is a lot that dentists (and yourself) can do to help which doesn’t involve special gadgets or specialised technical procedures.

Frequently used strategies include:

Desensitisation and rehearsals are also frequently used, both in formal and in informal ways, and a few dentists even offer hypnosis.

There are other ways of making people feel at ease – for example, using humour or being particularly calm and confident. These are to some extent dependent on personality characteristics and not always techniques that can be learned. Another major factor is trust – dentists who strongly believe in your ability to cope well are likely to instill confidence. Trust begets trust. Again, it takes a special kind of personality to put deep trust into another person’s ability to cope.

You can find more information on these psychological strategies by following the links above, or using the side navigation (or bottom nav on mobile). Each page also includes practical tips for dentists, which can be used straight away.

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