IV Sedation Experiences

IV sedation for wisdom teeth and more

by Simon8298


First, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has posted on this forum!!

I made the big mistake of looking at YouTube videos and reading bad stuff which made my fears much worse. Anyhow, to those people reading this who may have been making the same mistake, I would just like to say you need not worry.

I have put off going to the dentists for years! I ended up with 2 rotten top wisdom teeth which were crumbled right down to the gum line, holes in a few of my other teeth which had been causing me a lot of pain for month and months!! And I had a cap which needed replacing on my front tooth which had been smashed after I tried saving a friend from a bar fight. And to cap it all off, my teeth were in a horrible mess after many years of smoking and not looking after my teeth too well.

I went to the dentist with a friend today, and my appointment was at 2.15, and to makes things worse I was made to wait another 15 minutes due to a lady who was in front of me for a check-up, so that made my nerves even worse. But after I got in the chair, I started asking my dentist silly questions that in my mind where rational… such as what happens if I am not properly sedated…. anyhow she said, “trust me, you will have no clue what is going on”.

When the IV went in, after taking all my blood pressure and monitoring my heart rate, I was pretty much lights out…. only thing I can really remember is swapping sides in my mouth for this thing which I can only imagine was to keep my mouth open as she worked… 

1 hour and 30 minutes later my friend was in front of me asking me how it went, and if I felt like I was ready to get out of the chair and go home.


So thanks again to every one from this forum, and good luck if you are going for the same treatment soon.

Oh and before I go… the one hardest thing from today is trying not to smoke!! I have had 1 ciggy so far as I was gasping for one!!… but I am trying very hard not to smoke at least until tomorrow when the gums have started healing a little.

? <– my big toothy smile after today 


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