IV Sedation Experiences

20 years of delaying dental care

by sktbd

First off, I am embarrassed to say that I have been so deathly afraid of the dentist, that I couldn’t even look at the ads in the phone book, nor take someone else to an appointment. I am a Prosecutor and have no problem standing up in front of juries and hundreds of people during trials and argument, but I could not shake my fear of dental procedures. I had not even had a cleaning or checkup for the last 20 years. I had 2 badly cracked/chipped molars, and very loose fillings. I endured pain while eating for the last three or so years to the point where I ate mashed potatoes, soups, and beans for meals. 

I finally worked up enough determination to make an appointment…

Yesterday I went in for IV conscious sedation. The IV needle didn’t hurt a bit. Next thing I know, I am at home resting. I recall absolutely nothing of the experience, and I was one those people who swore the sedation would never work. I had 2 wisdom extractions, 10 fillings, and root canal prep. I still have 2 more appointments to go to finish up root canals and a veneer, but I’m not scared in the least! Absolutely no side effects from the Versed either. Mowed the lawn and played baseball with my kids today.

If you are putting off dental care, I suggest finding someone who does IV sedation. I really thought it would never work as no dentist to date could ever get me numb. IV sedation really works! 

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