IV Sedation Experiences

IV Sedation today!!

by CowardlyCulchie

Well, I survived!

I coped last night and this morning by just not thinking about it.  If I started to think about it, all sorts of daft scenarios would start in my head, so I refused to dwell on it.  All the way to ringing the dentist’s doorbell.

The nurse said, ‘How are you?’  I said, ‘I showed up didn’t I?’

In the waiting room, same tactic: refused to think about it and stared at Hello! mags.

My name was called… I got into the chair… I said to the dentist:  ‘Are you SURE this is going to work?’  ‘It’s worked for everyone so far’ says he.

I gave him my arm and slightly felt a needle.  Seconds passed while I looked at the ceiling thinking, uh-oh, I don’t feel any different… and then I woke up as he was picking bits of gauze from my mouth.  5 extractions, a filling or two, and a good clean were all done while I ‘slept’.  I have vague memories here and there of being asked to open my mouth and stuff, but I was so drowsy my eyes were still closed, and I had no anxiety.  I had a feeling they had to ask me a few times each time they wanted me to do something; I was so deep under!

When I woke, I wasn’t high, or euphoric or anything.  I was in quite a sombre mood actually, relieved it was over, and a bit wobbly-legged.  I don’t remember being brought to the car, but I went upstairs to bed and gave myself a HUGE pat on the back!

I felt fine, could have sat here at the pc and typed as soon as I got home.

Now it’s your turn, if I did it, y’all can do it!!!! 

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