IV Sedation Experiences

10 years of worry removed with IV Conscious Sedation Midazolam

by blewis53

I used this site so many times for info when I was waiting around for my appointment, so I thought it only fair that I give back something to others who may be in the same situation as I was a few weeks ago. Not sure if it will help, but this is my experience. 

Before the appointment

Like the title says, I had IV conscious sedation with the benzo midazolam to have 4 surgical extractions done yesterday. My appointment time was 10:00 – 13:00 hrs, so a 3-hour appointment!! When they said this on the phone when I booked it, it did make me more nervous, but as time went on I realised, the dentist will ensure that he has more than enough time to do what he needs to do SAFELY! And ensure I am OK throughout the procedure, that’s why it’s 3 hours. 

The appointment was on my mind from the moment I booked it. Constantly wondering what I had got myself into, always using every lunch break to search for blogs such as this one I’m writing now, to find the answer to my worries! It did help, and along with the pain I was in was enough to motivate my mind into thinking this was the right thing to do and that the only one who was going to hold me back was myself. I had an infection and abscess! Constant pain, 4 teeth worked down to the gumline. I needed to get these things out, and I knew the only way to do it was to go to this appointment. I hadn’t a decent night sleep for 2 weeks!! Because of the constant toothache I had, I was a miserable sod at work, short with people, constantly drinking and taking painkillers just to get through the day. This wasn’t the life I deserved. I am better and deserve better. 

The appointment

The day came! Me and my mum made our way to the clinic which was about a 25-minute drive away. We got there early, around 09:40. I had a medical questionnaire to fill in and paid the bill. The doctor performing the work had a patient in before me who was having something similar done but without sedation, and this resulted in him running 20 minutes or so late, not good for my nerves!! 

When I did get into the room, I was greeted by the same smiley person who I saw 5 weeks prior. I was sat in the chair, my vitals were taken and then he attempted to get the IV into my right arm,(now don’t be put off by this next bit) no vein after three attempts, then he attempted my left arm, finally, after two attempts the line goes he hits a vein! this was due to me being so nervous that my veins contracted, thus making it harder for him to get the line in. In all honesty, I never felt any of the attempts, so if anyone reading this is worrying about the IV going in, honestly, you don’t even feel it at all!! After the IV was in, he clipped me up to some machine which kept an eye on me during the procedure, which was about the size of a fag packet. 

(just a tip, to make it easier for the IV to go into your vein, ensure you are properly hydrated before the procedure and try to relax as much as possible)

Relief after being told the IV was in, I was then laid back into the chair in that awful lying down position, I was told that nothing will be happening for about 10 mins as the sedation will now need to be started. He put the first dose in, I think about 2 ml and I thought nothing happened, but then I felt like a nice floaty tingly’ish feeling all across my body and mind. It wasn’t unpleasant at all, kind of an “I wish I could feel like this every day” kinda feeling. I even laughed out loud saying “this stuff is pretty good”. Another dose, felt much better, and then another, with him allowing about 2 minutes or so to see the effect of what he was putting in had on me. It’s not the case that they will just shove a massive load of this stuff into you at once and hope for the best – it’s a very gentle, gradual process with very careful monitoring. The drug does not cause any unpleasant effects, non whatsoEVER!! And if you’re worried that you’re allergic or something, SO WAS I! Apparently only a very very small number of people are allergic to benzos across the world. I dunno how you can find out prior if you’re worried, maybe contact your GP? But I just went for it and hoped for the best I suppose?? lol 

Anyways, erm… the rest is kinda hard to remember, I do remember certain things such as glasses being put on my face by a very good looking blonde Polish dental nurse to protect my eyes, having the numbing gel put on my gums before the injections, which COMPLETELY WORKS by the way, the injections are the main reason I have put of going to the dentist. But in all honesty, I can say that I didn’t feel anything, and if I did, I was not bothered by it at all. Erm…… feeling a little bit of pain in my tooth when the bottom one was being pulled, and being aware I was being stitched up, but with only slight pinching. Every time I would look up and have a vague idea of what was happening, I kinda just thought, “oh right I’m getting my teeth done” and went back to sleep. 


Basically, my mum said I was in the chair for 2.5 hours, and the whole experience to me from the moment I walked in, to the IV, to being told it was over felt like 10 minutes. The reason why I can recall so much of this is that it happened yesterday, and I was told the amnesia doesn’t happen until around 24 – hours after the procedure. Plus I’m naughty! I had a chronic cannabis and alcohol addiction prior to this appointment, so the sedation was not as effective to me as it would be on someone who was T-total. if you have never touched a drug, or haven’t for years, or just like to have the odd glass of wine or whatever then you won’t be aware of anything happening, you won’t be bothered by anything, you don’t feel pain, and the whole appointment will feel like it was literally 2 minutes. Saying that is affected me differently, it still affected me, but just not as much as someone who is teetotal. 

I’m not sure if this blog actually helped anyone? Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but either way, Conscious Sedation is an amazing invention! It helped me visit the dentist after not bothering and living a life of misery for 10 years! All I need now is a couple of fillings and a clean! and I’m back to square one with my teeth. The healing process is very boring, so buy a games console lol don’t spit, don’t panic about the blood, don’t eat solids for the first 48 hours, DONT SMOKE!!!!!, I’m not sure about the straw thing as I was told I could drink straight afterwards with a straw, I have been and I have no indication of dry socket at all! In fact, it’s less than 24 hours since my appointment and I have no pain and all the bleeding has stopped.

To anyone reading this post, knowing that you need the work done and that you are scared stiff which stops you from going, GO AND BOOK THE APPOINTMENT NOW! It is nothing like you’re thinking, dentists are no longer butchers, they are very hardworking skilled individuals who have studied and worked for YEARS to get to where they are. My phobia has completely gone now. I don’t really care about the dentist or needles in the mouth blah blah bah… if something needs doing, just do it! The personal triumph and satisfaction that you’re healthy again are better than any drug on this earth!! If you are as anxious as me, I would recommend conscious sedation! It really is a godsend! 

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