IV Sedation Experiences

This is not an IV sedation experience, but an experience of oral sedation with Triazolam. Please note that triazolam is not available in the UK and Europe, but it’s quite common in the U.S. and Canada.

Had a root canal with trialozam, and it went great!

by Presley

I’m new to this forum, but I’ve been stalking just about every thread made about root canals from 2007 to now (2018). I finally decided to make an account here so I could share my pleasant experience and perhaps help others feel the comfort you guys brought me. So I’m very, very anxious – anxiety disorders, panic attacks (especially at the dentist), sobbing, the whole nine yards. I also have a very low pain tolerance. So when I was told I needed TWO root canals on my top front middle teeth, I was terrified! But my awesome dentist prescribed me triazolam (Halcion), and I was even afraid of that, because I don’t like the idea of “mind-altering substances”. But it did the trick, and I wasn’t anywhere near as loopy as some people said they had been on it – I personally was just a little giggly and sleepy, and very relaxed- I felt a sense of detachment from what they were doing in my mouth, like I truly didn’t care. One Triazolam and headphones with music playing made me super peaceful.

The shots themselves were NOWHERE NEAR as bad as I thought they were. I had to get four total, and I straight up didn’t feel two of them due to already being numb, and the ones I did feel were like a quick pinch, nothing excruciating or scary like I thought it would be, even the palatal one! I’m telling you guys, I’m the biggest, crying, anxious, pain sensitive baby there is, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. After the shots, I felt no pain from the actual root canal itself, just some completely non-painful pressure and weird smells, but I didn’t care much due to the Triazolam.

I also thought I would freak out of claustrophobia due to being laid down with people looming over me and the dental dam, but I was completely fine. The dam was actually nice due to there being a barrier between what they were doing and me.

It was a really pleasant experience, and I just wanted to share it in case it made anyone else feel better. From one anxious patient to another… you can do it! 

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