IV Sedation Experiences

IV sedation = SUCCESS!!!

by C579

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to pop online and let you know that today was a HUGE success!!! I was initially going in for 2 teeth out (1 wisdom and 1 molar), but the dentist asked if she could do a 3rd and I agreed!!

It was my 1st experience of sedation, and I have to say that if you are as scared as I am, it really is the way to go!! I have to go back a few more times to get treatment done under IV, and now all I have to focus on is going to the dentist chair and getting comfortable for a tiny little needle to go into my hand, then lights out! I can’t believe I was that worried. It really IS as good as everyone says. No awareness of smells, noises around you, and you feel soooo relaxed. It is also true that you feel as though you have in the chair for 5 minutes when in actual fact, I was in for over an hour!!

I have been dozy and sleepy all day, so my lovely fiance and mum have been making sure I’m taking my painkillers and that I’m comfortable. I have little pains now and then, but compared to the pain I have been in the past, this is a skoosh!! Slightly worried about being swollen/bruised tomorrow, but all I need to know now is that I’ve done it, and whatever happens next, I can handle it!!

YAYYYY! So chuffed with myself!!

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