IV Sedation Experiences

I survived!!!!!! It was fine!

by kstar

I must say this has been the most terrifying and satisfying experience I have had in my 32 years on this earth.  I had two broken molars and a broken wisdom tooth. I got the nerve to go to the dentist where I was informed that I had a cyst under one of the broken molars.

Two weeks later I had to get oral surgery to get it removed plus the three molars.

The anticipation was worse than the whole ordeal, even the breaking of my molars. Well, my surgeon was great, got the IV in the first try while I had laughing gas. All I remember is telling him he was the best and then I woke up in recovery and my boyfriend was standing there telling me they got everything.

I was numb for a while, but it wasn’t bad. When I got home, I ate some mashed potatoes and took two Vicodin and went to sleep… I swear I am in no pain whatsoever!!!! Please just go to the dentist, modern dentistry is so painless!!!! 

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