IV Sedation Experiences

I Did It!!!!!!!!!

by squaddieswife1

Just had to post cos I’m on a real high at the moment!! Today I went to the dentist and had my BIG procedure!!

My appointment was for midday so all morning I was a mixture of sheer terror and sheer determination to go through with it. The time came for me to set off so my hubby and I set off through the snow to the surgery. Unfortunately for me, because of the weather the appointments were running a little late and the nerves began to gather in force and I got rather tearful. My hubby was fantastic. He gave me lots of hugs and told me I was going to be ok and he was proud of me. I don’t know how I would have got through without his support!

I went into the surgery at last, and my wonderful dentist and dental nurse were there. They could see I was in a bit of a state and were so nice and reassuring!! They promised me they would take good care of me.

I was having IV sedation, so the dentist took my baseline obs and then inserted the cannula in my hand, which I hardly noticed at all! I was that tense I couldn’t lay my head back to start with. The dentist started to give me the sedation, and I started to feel a little woozy. The dentist asked how I was doing, and I said I felt like I had had a little drink. The next thing I know, it’s all over!!!!!

It took my dentist only 25 mins to remove 9 teeth (3 of which were wisdom teeth and one a molar), he did a filling and also fitted my immediate denture!!!

Since I came home, I have had a little sleep and took some Ibuprofen for some minor discomfort. I must admit it’s weird having my denture in cos I’ve not had this many teeth in my mouth for a very long time LOL.

I know this is the start of my journey, and I may be facing a couple of weeks of soft diet, difficulties with getting my denture fitting properly etc., but the worst is over. 

I HAVE A SMILE!!!! I can’t believe how emotional I feel writing that! I also have no more broken, painful, smelly, ugly teeth in my mouth.

The whole procedure was amazing and so much better than I imagined!!! It’s changed my life and it can change yours too!!!

I am soooo chuffed and proud of myself right now, the feeling is amazing!!!

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