IV Sedation Experiences

IV sedation – In 2 weeks, 20 years of sheer terror have ended!

by Bluebug

First things first, You CAN do this. 

My advice: 1. Find a patient understanding dentist and 2. Get someone to force you to go!

My story is similar to most of us on here, sheer utter dread at the thought of going to a dentist, I’ve done it all cried, vomited, cancelled 20 appointments, cold sweats, ran out of dentist surgeries – including once straight out the wrong door and into his storage cupboard! Nothing could convince me to go, no hatred of my teeth or even excruciating pain.

Well today, I experienced the day of our dreams, I left a dental surgery to the words… you’re all done, see you in 6 months for a check-up. Two weeks ago, with the help of a very persuasive friend, I plucked up the courage to go to a dentist, I can tell you nothing to make that move easier other than just go for it because all the worry and terror you are experiencing now are far worse than anything to come.

The bad news, I needed 3 teeth out and a further 10 fillings. Having battled his way through the examination, the dentist himself suggested IV sedation. Now this actually terrified me just as much, would I be allergic, would I be paralysed in pain, would I feel all dizzy and horrible, would I wake up mid-way through??

Here’s how the day went… after a weekend of no appetite, shakes, very little sleep I was fairly convinced this would be aborted appointment number 21, but there was something about that awful disappointment in myself that I didn’t want to feel again and, for reasons I can’t explain, I went. Was crying silently in the waiting room and couldn’t stop myself. Went into the room, lovely dentist, got the IV in my arm straight away, felt slight pinch but nothing painful, then he put numbing gel on my gums while the nurse took my blood pressure and attached the O2 reader to my finger (little peg thing that sits on your finger, painless). The dentist put some saline through the IV, followed by the first dose of Midazolam. He said I wouldn’t notice anything (I should point out I had read every single review of Midazolam to be found online and was ready and expecting every possible bad side effect). I want to describe this next part as well as I can because I was terrified of what it would feel like… I felt normal, then my eyesight seemed to slow a little, like when you moved your gaze from one object to another your brain took a second to register the move, not dizzy, not unpleasant at all. Then I felt myself relax into the chair and thought how very comfortable these chairs really are when you unclench your muscles and actually allow yourself to relax. Then I remember him putting in another dose and I haven’t a clue what happened next! 

Horror of horrors I became aware during it (a few times actually) except it isn’t frightening at all, that sudden panic you are feeling now at the mere thought of it doesn’t happen. Instead, I thought Oh look at his lovely eyes, and look at him still working away there, I’d much rather be left alone to feel all lovely so I’ll close my eyes. This happened a few times, with the same thoughts each time, I woke up to him taking out one tooth, and two fillings, but couldn’t have cared less. IV Midazolam was wonderful! Apparently, I chatted the entire time, but I don’t remember any of it. Recovered very quickly from it, I remember looking at the clock and being amazed 2 hours had passed and even more amazed when he said he got it all done. I was a bit wobbly walking out to the waiting room and then to my lift home, had a nap and took it easy the rest of the day. 

It’s now 5 days later, the extraction sites are still a bit painful, and I went back to have one filling reshaped because it was pressing against another tooth which caused pain and sent me into an utter panic (I’m not cured just yet!) that I might need a root canal. Had a scale and polish today, not the most pleasant but not painful I just hate anything near my teeth, and I’m done! I got so excited I even booked an appointment to see an orthodontist next week!! There’s an eternal optimist in me somewhere! Good luck all X

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