IV Sedation Experiences

IV sedation is the best (8 extractions later)

by smile :)

I will keep this short and sweet…

Basically, I hope that if this post helps at least one person be less scared, anxious and fearful about the dentist then I am glad.

I have lived with dental phobia from when I was 12 – 23 years old and know how awful and consuming that fear is!!

I have a small jaw and severe overcrowding (causing protruding vampire-like fangs out of my eye teeth top and bottom) plus impacted wisdoms – that’s 8 teeth too many and the need for braces – ahhh!

The above was the diagnosis given to me at age 12, and I turned to mum with a flat “No” and chose to avoid the work until last week. The 11-year procrastination turned a valid fear into a full-blown phobia.

Anyway, I bit the bullet and went ahead (after lots of research and shopping around for dentists and methods) and got 8 teeth extracted under IV sedation in the chair (5 days ago).

The whole thing was so fine, I had a couple of red wines the night before to relax, set my appointment at 8 am (I suggest you also do it early so you don’t dwell on it in the lead up) and arrived got a needle and was out.

All I remember is the occasional “open wider” and it was so relaxing and fine.

I woke up and didn’t know what day it was and had gauze in my mouth. The pain is non-existent due to pain killers – which make you sleepy at worst.

Anyways the saying is true “the worst fear is fear itself” – just stop fearing it and do it (its amazing how much of a relief it is just booking in the big day in a weird way)… use IV and don’t procrastinate – you will be fine too!!!

When you overcome this fear you will have more to smile about than your fab new teeth – you will know how brave you are too!!!

I know you feel like your fear or procedure is the worst in the world – we all felt the same way too – trust me!….. bite the bullet you will be so glad you did!!

Good luck!


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