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Cracked wisdom teeth, sideways, out via IV!!!! I DID IT!

by screenplaya

Hello to everyone, specifically those awaiting and worrying about their own Wisdom Teeth removals.

I had mine out today and it was life changing! 

I have always had that anxiety-driven fear with the dentist ever since I was a kid who had a rather old school and insensitive dentist who always barked, “Oh, that doesn’t hurt.” No kidding.

My two bottom wisdom teeth broke the gum in 2000… a rough and tough few days of aching but I wouldn’t go in to have them checked out, knowing that the dentist would say that they do need to come out. 

The pain subsided after a week in 2000 as they came out more. In 2003 or so, due to decay (food getting trapped), both of them cracked big pieces off, down to the gumline. No pain mind you, but the inner wisdom teeth were exposed and eventually garnered some decay even though I constantly picked food out of them via a dentist tool.

On top of that, they came in SIDEWAYS, thus pushing against my back teeth. 

Last summer I think one of them grew a cavity because on vacation there was much pain whenever something sweet hit it. This went away eventually but terrified me. So I decided to get it over with.

Of course, it took me until December to do it.

Well, at 9:30 am I went in and had it done, and I must say, it was a life-changing event, going against three of my biggest fears: dental surgery, needles, and sedation. 

If I can sum things up with one phrase… IT WAS SO RELAXING. 

I had a great oral surgeon who knew I was phobic and calmly explained the procedure. He even said he’s gone under IV three times and told me that it just seems like seconds. 

So here’s how it played out… I know most people want to know the details.

I went in with my wife and 3-year-old son, who both obviously waited outside. They called me in and sat me down… were very nice and calming. After some blood pressure checks and being put on a heart monitor (some plastic band around my hand I think), the doctor came in, talked me through it real quick, and then got right into it.

He gave me Nitrous gas to calm me for the IV insertion. A nice little mask that fit over my nose. I told my self to just surrender to the gas and get this over with! Breathed in and out through my nose and began to feel the effects. They inserted the IV needle, WHICH I DIDN’T FEEL AT ALL!!!!! I actually chuckled because it didn’t hurt the way I thought it would. If you needle phobias want to prepare yourself, take your nails and pinch your upper right arm’s skin. Now minus that pain factor by 100 and add some laughing gas. No pain. Best just to suck in the gas and not look at all.

After that chuckle, the next thing I knew I WAS WAKING UP IN ANOTHER ROOM UNDER A BLANKET COMFORTABLY!!! Literally seconds seemed to have passed. It was done. Apparently took an hour and a half… but not to me… it was like time travel. I was awaken by a nurse who said I did great and said something about a People magazine. I fell back to sleep and woke up again… AND JUST LAYED THERE AND LISTENED. IT WAS UTTERLY RELAXING. TOTAL COMFORT. NO FEAR. 

They brought my wife and son in and gave us (more so her) instructions. My son said he’d take care of me. Then they wheeled me out to the car, even though by that time I could have walked myself. 

Don’t worry, you’re not all loopy and drunk-like… just relaxed. They gave me ice packs for my cheeks, but I hardly used them. No swelling from the get-go at all. 

My mouth was obviously numb as heck. Especially the bottom front of my lip!!! Felt like I had a swelled lip, ya know… felt like it was three times the size, but upon looking at it, it was normal… just weird numbness. 

Yeah, you have a bad taste in your mouth and you’re numb, but no pain whatsover. 

I’m about 9 hours past when I first got there and feel GREAT!!! The annoying numb front lip finally stopped. 

When I got home after my wife picked up the drugs (a choice of strong Ibuprofen and some narcotic, which I haven’t felt the need to take yet) I ate some yoghurt and had one of the Ibuprofens. No pain at all. I will continue to take the Ibuprofen every 6 hours but am holding off on the narcotic pain killer. Maybe I won’t need it? 

As far as the area where my wisdom teeth used to be? It’s like those areas got a “Telly Savalas” if you know what I mean? Just nice and smooth gums and holes where the teeth used to be. Hardly any blood. I feel the stitch in there, but you’re not supposed to tongue your gums too much. But I FEEL the gums and whatnot, BUT NO PAIN AT ALL. 

So if you were like me these past months, you were visiting this site trying to calm yourself. And I can finally say that yes, I did it, and yes I’D DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW without any hesitation, anxiety, or second thought… if I needed to that is!

The doctor gave me great news beforehand too and said that my two upper wisdom teeth showed up on the x-ray, BUT I didn’t need to get them out because they were beneath the bone line and probably wouldn’t breach. He said if they were in his mouth, he wouldn’t have them out!!!!! Victory dance!

So hopefully the final recovery for me goes well. If anything, it’s just anticipation of wanting to eat normal food again without having to worry about soft food, pain killers, etc. No pain thus far though and the doctor said to relax over the weekend, and that’s pretty much it.

So thank you much to all those who’ve written their success stories on this site!!! So much better than those google searches that had horror stories. I guess some people just like to create some drama because again, I’d do the procedure tomorrow with no fear or anxiety if I had to. 

Take the gas, take the full IV sedation, and enjoy the feeling of conquering your fears. I took on dental surgery, needles, and fear of sedation and won with ease. Thanks to all!! 

If you’re religious, just pray for comfort leading up to the procedure. If you’re not, just think of how this event, what is painless seconds for you on that chair, will change your life for the better. No more worry. No more pain. Etc. Etc. 

Thanks again to all who have posted here. You made me feel so much better going in. 

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